The digital world of email, websites, the internet, mobile and online services represents a tremendous opportunity for organisations and individuals today. And while most of us recognise the marketing, sales and engagement opportunities, the misconceptions that this digital world is complex and expensive, often keeps us from getting wired in.

With the experience of a 15+ year digital agency, we know how challenging the digital world can be for both new and existing organisations. And, we know it does not have to be this way.

Connect™ is a new offering from The Cobalt Partners that gives you a no-hassle affordable entry into the digital world. We trust that you will have a pleasant experience with us and a successful foray into your
digital online presence.



The first step to obtaining your own website, email services, newsletter and many of the digital services, is to obtain and own your own digital address, this is called your ‘domain’. We also find the hosting all your digital assets with a single-point of contact can significantly improvement responsiveness and hence provide 1 year of our basic hosting service.


The core of any organisation’s digital presence is a personalized website for your customers and audience. With Connect you can have your website in 3 business days.

Every Connect Website includes the following:
* admission for up to four (4) people to a 2-hour session on your website’s Content Management System (CMS)
* one batch content upload prior to website launch including image resizing

NEWSLETTER  connect+

Our Connect clients often expand their website content with a regularly distributed digest (newsletter) to their subscribers containing news, promotions, publications, events and much more. We work with all of the leading Newsletter service providers including MailChimp, Mandrill and RocketMailer. We will assist in selecting the appropriate service provider, configure your account and assist with the initial newsletter template design.


We will index all your website pages to ensure they get ranked and found by any search engine including Google and Yahoo. We will also provide a reports so you can see how your website is performing in the search engines.


Keeping your digital presence relevant and fresh can mean significant content creation, editing and maintenance work.

While our aim with Connect is to provide you with all the training you need to maintain your own site, we do find clients who as us to provide additional content management work such as creating monthly newsletter or posting updates to their website news section as news becomes available.


Our intelligent email services allow you to turn ordinary emails into communications that will not go unnoticed and inform you when the recipient found content in your banners interesting. And as you learn more about what your email recipients need, we include up to 40 content updates free of charge.


Advertise in Yellow Pages business listings for maximum online exposure. With an evergrowing viewership around the globe, and regular updates, the Directory has become the number one source for corporate information about Ghana. The website offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a large population of affluent Consumers and business people. You can learn about the advertising packages here:


We find that most clients quickly realise that sourcing or creating quality images can be challenging. As such we provide an option here to indicate whether you will need further assistance with image work.

We have a full-service design team that can provide design work including logos, call cards, brochures and much more.

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