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Technologies for Productive Home Offices

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Technologies for Productive Home Offices

The current health crisis has forced today’s offices to transition into a remote working arrangement.  But while many are looking forward to the flexibility and freedom that working from home brings, it  also presents a lot of unique challenges. One of these is staying productive amidst the distractions  and stressors at home.


It’s important to carve out your own home office to help you stay focused, productive, and  comfortable. But other than having your own dedicated working area, you should also use the right  tools to help you get your work done. With that being said, we’ve created a list of the best tech  products to help you stay productive while working from home.


A Wireless Mouse


To avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome, you have to ditch the trackpad and use a wireless  mouse. Indeed, mouse designs have come a long way from their initial forms. Today, you can find  mice that allow you to turn your wrist vertically, which can help avoid and alleviate pain if you suffer  from carpal tunnel syndrome. Be sure to disinfect your computer mouse at least once a week,  as Basic Computer Tips points out that your mouse can harbor bacteria and grime that could affect  your health.


A Scent Diffuser


Other than making your home office a more inviting area, a scent diffuser can also boost your  productivity. Inc notes that there are certain scents that can enhance the performance of your brain,  reduce stress, and keep you energized. For one, adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to your  diffuser doesn’t only help brighten your home office — the scent can also help raise levels of a brain  chemical that aids in decision-making. Another essential oil that you should use in your office diffuser  is frankincense, as the aroma can lower anxiety helping you get through a stressful work day.


An Adjustable Desk


You should make it a point to improve the overall ergonomics of your home office to make it more  conducive for working. One gadget that can significantly improve your ergonomics is an adjustable  desk. Working from home means that you’ll spend more time on your office chair, and having an  adjustable desk allows you to stretch your legs and work standing up. Additionally, Pain Free  Working also points out the importance of having the correct monitor height as this can greatly affect  your posture. If your preferred keyboard height doesn’t allow your screen to get to eye level, you can  try using a monitor stand.


A Good Light Source


You might not realize it, but lighting plays a crucial role in helping you stay productive at work.  Studies show that poor lighting is detrimental to your work productivity as it can strain your eyes,  reduce your energy, give you headaches, and sour your mood. If your home office isn’t situated in an  area that receives a lot of natural light, you can look to artificial light sources. When placing artificial  lights in your home office, be sure that it indirectly lights up your work area while still keeping  everything well-lit and illuminated.


In our post ‘Covid-19: How You Do Your Best Work in Quarantine?’ we’ve pointed out that we are in  extraordinary circumstances and settling into a productive work routine won’t come easy. This is why  it’s important to still stay productive despite these distressing times, so be sure to use the  technologies we’ve listed above in your home office.


Written by: Ana Hughes