The Cobalt Partners embarks on West Africa expansion

The Cobalt Partners embarks on West Africa expansion

It is truly an exciting time for us! If you didn’t already know, Cobalt is a software engineering and consulting firm and as part of our ambition widen our scope as well as encourage more partnerships, we are teaming up with with Right Click Nigeria Ltd, to expand it digital services across the sub-saharan region.

Cobalt, which began as a business consulting firm, went into full operation in January 2015, when it first acquired Explainer DC, one of Ghana’s premier web development company.

Cobalt provides software engineering, digital and advisory services to growing markets locally and internationally. Being in the business of creating digitally powerful companies, Cobalt is of the belief that building african synergies will vastly facilitate african economic development and growth that the continent direly needs. It now runs Fluent and Wired services that provide digital solutions for large, medium and small scale businesses.

Commenting on the merger and expansion, Managing Partner, The Cobalt Partners, Betty Enyonam Kumahor said, “This is certainly an exciting time for the Cobalt and the digital industry on the African continent.We are not just combining our efforts for a wider client reach, we are promoting the concept of partnerships for development. It is almost a sure bet that strategic collaborations like Cobalt and Right Click’s is just the thing Africa needs to achieve economic growth and self-sufficiency.”

Bolaji Finnih, Chairman of RightClick Limited also opined that, large African-owned companies that are built the right way; resilient and with sustainable business practices are an endangered species particularly in the digital space. In order to achieve the economic benefits of our natural entrepreneurial inclinations, according to him, large African corporations must emerge.

“As such, we are thrilled to have merged with an organisation that shares our values and positive outlook for Africa.” He added.

Mr Finnih also pledged the commitment of the two entities in joining forces with the best and brightest minds across the continent as we continue our ambitious Pan-African expansion.

The joint venture which commenced as of May 2016, will bring together technology and design-thinking consultants with over 50 years of international experience and an impressive user portfolio currently numbering 600 clients.For the benefit of our current clients, Right Click Nigeria LTD will continue to operate under its current company name until changes are communicated to the general public.

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