Covid-19: How you do your best work in quarantine?

The Cobalt PartnersCobalt News Covid-19: How you do your best work in quarantine?

Covid-19: How you do your best work in quarantine?

So why should you keep  a work-like schedule even when you’re working from home? Why instill a sense of normalcy? Because it is easy to panic as well as get distracted by all the noise and Corona Virus updates around us. That being said, it is good to acknowledge that we are in extraordinary circumstances and finding a home-work routine that works will not necessarily be an easy thing to do. But it can be. 


So why is it important to strive for some normalcy?

  •  We must maximize the time we have to create and continue to produce. It’s what makes us human. 
  •  When the quarantine over we will want to seamlessly ease back into work 
  • We have been forced to reevaluate what we know as normal. In one way it’s an opportunity. Let’s take it 
  • Encouragement: We need to keep the flow of work going to create encouragement and motivation to help your team members going.


More than a 5th of the world’s population is under on partial and complete lockdown due to the outbreak of CoronaVirus which began in China. In Africa more than 15 countries accordingly the World Health Organization have increasing numbers of the virus. There are directives to self-isolate as well as washing hands and keeping surroundings as clean as possible. For many companies, this is an opportunity to really take an evaluation of the work process and explore what better ways to achieve business results, even in quarantine.

Firstly, we must understand that for tech-inclined companies and certain business models, it is absolutely possible to work from home. [Check out how we did it.] Secondly, this will be our attempt to inject normalcy in what will be our new way of life. 



 At this moment, all we really do have is time. If you are a small-business owner or the head of an enterprise you must remember that you are fulfilling a need even if your services are curtailed by your country’s lockdown. 

 In other words, you must think creatively about how to solve your client’s problems while keeping your team motivated. 


Let’s give two instances of how Cobalt strives to achieve this for ourselves and for our clients. In a non-formal working approach, we recently asked everyone on the team in one of our work calls to share photos of their work station. The activity created a light-hearted atmosphere akin to the camaraderie you’d typically find in an actual office space. Joy is free after all.


In the same week, our technical team worked on providing automated chat services that allow UTP clients to easily communicate from anywhere in the world. Working for a client like United Pensions Trust, we understood that altering the work process in the time COVID-19 would make it challenging to serve clients in a quick efficient way.  

 The parallels we are drawing here are that a healthy stress-free environment, even when working remotely can yield higher productivity. 

As an individual, it is also important to qualify the use of your work time versus personal time. Create not only a physical but a mental space in your approach to your every day. You should by now be thinking of a separate office section where you do all your work. It should be a space you can move away from when you need to. It should also be a space to connect with your team in a vibrant, positive way. Sitting at home can be a bore so be intentional about sharing a little cheer around. 

Additionally, you will want to maintain a sense of order around your habits and patterns. Do you wake up at 7 am? Is breakfast at 8:30 am? Do you check your emails at 10:30 am? Having a chronological work order is to help seamlessly get back into a normal work schedule in the future. An organized working system has ripple effects. If a company’s leadership puts in place working processes that is organized and efficient, it instills a sense of calm as well as assurance for its members. There will also be a significant increase in employee engagement as well as a collective appreciation and recognition for individual teammates. 


Effective communication leads to improvement to a 25% increase in productivity when employees feel engaged with their work and connected with their co-workers; Lockdown or not.