ERERA Gains Improved Web User Experience

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ERERA Gains Improved Web User Experience

How do you generate enough power to illuminate millions of homes in West Africa? ECOWAS Regional Regulatory Authority (ERERA) has been working on this issue for over a decade. ERERA regulates and implements effective mechanisms for the development of cross-border trade of electricity in West Africa.

ERERA uses only the best regulatory practices to ensure the highest standards of regulation to achieve a sustainable and efficient regional electricity trade between ECOWAS Member States.

The regulatory council has many plans lined up ahead, including their most challenging task to date: supervising the electricity market. By 2020, ERERA will begin their project to distribute and monitor cross-border sales of electricity among member states of ECOWAS.

To improve the regulatory council’s mass media communication, ERERA has enlisted the help of Cobalt to build and manage their current website. We’ve upgraded their email infrastructure to have better backup, faster email migration, and more effective mailbox consolidation.

Cobalt Partner’s reliable hosting and domain management services provided them with all the tools they need to deliver dramatically improved insights. The new email service will help improve user experience and make the regulatory council’s IT operations more effective.

For Musa Imam, a manager at ERERA, working with Cobalt was very effective, and it performed the migration and upgrade process in a timely and professional manner with minimal downtime.

“I would recommend Cobalt to other prospective clients,” says Musa Imam.