Getting Things Done with ES Partners

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Getting Things Done with ES Partners

Fostering  African Business Growth with Innovative  Productivity Techniques 

Over the last 7 years as a company, we learned quickly, that African businesses could significantly produce at a quicker rate by employing simple, smart techniques, from maximizing output to satisfying client needs in a timely, orderly fashion. The truth is that running a business presents a varied number of challenges to overcome. But what if we altered our mindsets to perceive each business challenge as projects, with minute, broken-down actions and plans to get results? 

ES Partners is a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) investment and business advisory firm with interests in the entrepreneurial potential in Africa. The company helps small-scale businesses and start-ups scale their growth and profit through high-end entrepreneurial consultancy. They were the masterminds behind the successful development and implementation of the INAPEM-ICT initiative which contributed to Chevron’s need to boost Angola’s ICT industry.

With the desire to improve efficiency and drive growth, ES Partners turned to Cobalt with an elaborate agenda. The objectives included software engineering solutions custom-tailored to their cause, and training the ES Partners team on efficient and productive output techniques.

It was a service the Cobalt team led by Managing Partner, Betty Enyonam Kumahor was more than happy to render. We provided ES Partners with not only state-of-the-art software engineering processes but also conducted a training program based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD®) concept, a time management method that instills focus, clarity, and confidence.

Eric Kacou, co-founder and CEO of ES Partners, shared his insights with us during his last visit to Ghana.

“I think the single most valuable commodity one has is time. It is also the one commodity you can’t, or rather we could hitherto not buy. Because GTD training enables you to buy time and use time better.”

He added that the best thing about GTD is that it fits into one’s way of life.

“So you only need to apply some precepts of the training to really get things going.  I think it is a healthy way of thinking…It was great to have Enyo train us and show us the ropes in such a way that it wasn’t really academic but lively and interactive.” He said.

Eric Kacou was also impressed with our quick turn-around and efficient delivery process of software engineering solutions. He found our methods unique, accurate, highly professional, and customized to suit his firm.

“To me, when people are creative and innovative, they are not necessarily organized, and I think Cobalt has the gift of those qualities together with their work.”

At Cobalt, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient and innovative services. Cobalt looks forward to serving the needs of ES Partners digitally and helping foster more business growth across Africa.