The Cobalt PartnersCobalt News Helping Provide E-Services for The Electoral Commission of Ghana Voters Register

Helping Provide E-Services for The Electoral Commission of Ghana Voters Register

How we built the Electoral Commission of Ghana voters’ register in 4 days

Recognizing the evolving needs and expectations of its citizens, the Ghanaian government decided there was no time to lose in propelling its government services into the digital age. The Electoral Commission of Ghana is the official government body responsible for administering and regulating all public elections. One of their functions is to compile the official register of voters. In a nation of over 25 million voters, the task ahead would be a daunting challenge.


The Electoral Commission of Ghana chose Cobalt Partners to build, host, and maintain the commission’s digital presence.  A key objective was to provide Ghanian citizens a fast, convenient, and secure online Voters’ Register. The projects would require extensive work and quick turnaround, but we were up to the challenge. 


The Cobalt team set out to create a new responsive website with a massive Voters Registers Repository in only four days! We gave new life to their web presence by providing a revived website which included the Voters Registers from the year 2018, 2016, and 2019. We also added data protection and security hardening features such as proactive monitoring for Voter Register viewers, SSL, firewall, cWatch, and more. 


As a government domain, the Electoral Commission’s website is bound to experience high engagement and heavy web traffic. Our team built a fast and efficient server response that can handle heavy traffic.


 The Electoral Commission of Ghana’s new Voters Register and e-services platform is up and running. The results and public response have been outstanding.


 We are proud to be one of the few firms in Africa or outside capable of doing complex and massive projects in as little as four days. A commission staff member commented, “I am amazed at the sheer amount of features you produced each and every day.”