Who We Are

Our Goal

We believe that organizations function effectively when you incorporate the right strategy, have a deep understanding of the opportunity space and apply the digital sophistication required to succeed. To put it simply, we make your organization better.


We employ agile methodology, clear communication and an inclusive working culture to provide businesses with thorough, practical results.  We take pride in running a lean team of catalysts who work seamless across continents to deliver.  From advisory services to providing support systems to your vision, The Cobalt Partners employs a working culture that unlocks opportunities.


We are a team of problem-solvers.


Our job is to provide you with answers that work. Drawing from over five decades of combined experience on the African continent, Cobalt brings together highly trained professionals who use tested business strategies and technological formulas in solving today’s business challenges. We are innovation-driven and results-oriented.

Cobalt brings together specialists pooling 40 years of experience in business strategy, development and  IT consulting. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Our job entails identifying your business ‘pain point’ and developing innovative yet cost-effective resolutions.

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